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​ What we believe:

  • Every player deserves great training to help them become the best he/she can be

  • We must create the right environment in training for the player to become successful

  • We must challenge the player and have lots of repetition to create success

  • We must coach the positives

  • We must coach in age and stage appropriate levels for the player to get the most out of the session

  • We must properly train technique, the right move, with the right timing, in the right moment

  • We must develop players to recognize and dominate the 4 different 1v1 situations

  • We must develop players to be creative and confident on the ball, without fear of making mistakes

  • P1130032.JPG
    RM and Amalia 2017.JPG
    Rene Meulensteen explains the MM philosophy 
    "We all know the player who controls the ball, controls the game. The Meulensteen Method trains coaches how to empower the player and develop the skills necessary to control the ball"
    Steve Franklin
    Director of Coaching
    Indiana Soccer
    "The Meulensteen Method is a remarkable player development model. Players and coaches alike will benefit from implementing this curriculum. Take note as it is a game changer!"
    Joe Cummings
    Cummings Management Group
    Former CEO  
    United Soccer Coaches

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