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The United States Technical Championships is a technical skill soccer competition, and the only event of its kind in North America. The USTC is designed to educate players on the technical skills necessary to dominate their opponent in each of the four 1v1 situations. The competition consists of two main components, practical and application. In the practical component, players are educated on the four 1v1 situations and the skills needed to dominate them. In the application component, participants play in various small sided games and are encouraged to show their personality, and creativity.  Participants are maximizing their time on the ball in a positive, yet challenging environment. Meulensteen Method and partner organizations run regional events and those players who "Make the Difference"  are identified and invited to attend the National Finals. This year, we are, once again, at the world class indoor-facility of Grand Park. Here, some of the best players from across the country will come to compete in their age group in hopes of being crowned "Grand Champion". 

Regional Winner's Package

Age Groups - Birth Years





  • Invitation to participate in the 2022 USTC National Finals. This is a phenomenal 2 Day Event, 

Player Experience

  • Low player to coach ratio

  • Positive and encouraging coaching environment

  • Coaches trained on Rene's world famous "Moves & Skills" player development program

  • The USTC uses The Meulensteen Method: The #1 Team & Player Development program.

  • Players refine their 1v1 skills that can be used immediately in their game

  • Players develop confidence

  • Time on the ball is maximized



Grand Park Event Center, 

Indianapolis, IN


DECEMBER 16 & 17,2022

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