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 ​”The Meulensteen Method is a great way to develop technical skills and  encourage creativity within a player.  The Technical Championship is an  event where kids can have fun being creative within a friendly competition that is truly for the players. My son will continue to participate year in and year out”.

Chad Steel, USTC Participant

 ​”The whole experience. The facility  was beautiful. The coaches and volunteers were well organized.  The stations and activities were well run. My son had a blast”.

USTC Parent

 ​”The encouraging talks from Rene and the other coaches were great. Icing on the cake was the amount of time they put into watching the kids play the ENTIRE day. The 4v4 mini games were  great, I hope that strategy is taken up a little more  by our club at home as it really helps get the kids more touches and enables their creativity to kick in those 1v1 situations”.

USTC Parent

 ​”The positive energy, encouragement and focus on skill and creativity! Having players all over the  country competing against each other”.

USTC Coach

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