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The US Technical Championship (USTC) is a technical skills competition. There is nothing like this program in North America. The USTC is created to compliment your camp or soccer program and provide flexibility by hosting a one day event or spreading the activities throughout the week as part of a camp.

You will host a Regional Qualifier and select players to receive an invite to the National Finals. We are entering our 8th year and have hosted events all across the USA and Canada! 

What's important to know:

  • Developed by Rene Meulensteen, former 1st Team Coach at Manchester United & current Asst. Coach Australian MNT

    • Positive, active training environment

    • Maximize touches on the ball

    • Creates confidence within the player

  • Competition

    • Players compete at your event

    • Winners are invited to National Finals​

    • Pathway to compete Internationally

  • Branding: 

    • Differentiate your program 

    • Video and logo to assist in promotion

    • Stay relevant 

    • There is no other program like this. None!! ​

  • Content: ​

    • Adds flavor to your coaching repertoire 

    • Coaching staff introduced to the Meulensteen Method. 

    • Learn how to cook new meals with additional ingredients! (Create new sessions and add variation to what you do)

  • Flexible​

    • Host a one day event

    • Include this program in your summer camp, ODP program or Try-out!!

Amalia Villarreal, 6x participant in the USTC National Finals, 2x runner up, 3x Grand Champion, currently a member of the U17 Womens National Team ! 



Inside Grand Park, 

Indianapolis, IN


December 16-17, 2022

Contact us for information on hosting your own USTC event in 2023!





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