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What IS the Meulensteen Method (A Deeper Look)


Players fighting for ball

By Kevin Butler

There’s a reason we coach. It’s because there’s a LOT of money to be made and we get to be famous with big sponsorship deals from Nike or Adidas. We also coach because we want the glory of winning a u11, 3rd division tournament and  hoist that large plastic trophy above our head. If this describes you… then this article probably isn’t for you. If you’re the coach that volunteers to help their child’s team, steps in to be an assistant, or just wanted to be more involved – we know who you are. If you’re the person that coaches travel teams and has earned your licenses from the NSCAA and/or the USSF, you love helping kids learn, and you love finding ways to become a better coach. We know who you are. If you’re the high level coach, in a high school or college setting (NAIA, D3, D2, D1, etc) and you love learning more about the game and how to translate that to your players. We know who you are. If you’re the coach that believes sports relate to valuable life lessons and know it needs to be shared and taught to our young players… we know who you are. We’re just like you!

So what is the Meulensteen Method? First, let me say what it’s not. It’s not a gimmick. It won’t make you a champion in one season. Using a Meulensteen Method session on Thursday will not guarantee you a win on Saturday. It absolutely creates successful players and ultimately successful teams, but it’s not overnight.  The Meulensteen Method is a way of life for coaches, and what I mean is, it becomes a paradigm or a system of beliefs that define what and how they coach their players.

Here is what we believe:

  1. Every child deserves great training to help them become the best he/she can be

  2. We must create the right environment in training for the player to become successful

  3. We must challenge the player and have lots of repetition to create success

  4. We must coach the positives

  5. We must coach in age and stage appropriate levels for the player to get the most out of the session

  6. We must properly train technique, the right move, with the right timing, in the right moment

  7. We must develop players to recognize and dominate the 4 different 1v1 situations

  8. We must develop players to be creative and confident on the ball, without fear of making mistakes

We accomplish this through coach education and our club partnerships. We provide periodization tables for all age groups for the fall and spring season. We provide written sessions for each age group for the fall and spring season. We provide 100, 200, 300, & 400 coach education programs that teach the Meulensteen Method Philosophy and how to apply it through the Ages & Stages of Player Development. We also teach coaches how to prepare different meals from some of the same ingredients, so players experience a variety of ways to develop and enjoy the process leaving practice with a smile on their faces. This allows coaches to maintain their personality and individual qualities that make them great coaches, while providing additional tools that aid in the success of developing soccer players.

The Meulensteen Philosophy produces results. It is proven successful again and again around the world. It doesn’t make a player overnight. It is a system that requires an appropriate amount of time and commitment, but changes the lives of coaches and players alike, forever. We identify talent, develop potential, and create successful teams.

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