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Why Meulensteen Method? An interview with Super Y-League Youth Operations Manager, Matt Reda

By Amber Ginop,


Matt Reda, Youth League Operations Manager, Super Y

One of the partnerships we are most proud of here at Meulensteen Method is with the Super Youth League, also known as Super Y. If you’re not familiar with Super Y, they’re a youth soccer league with 90+ clubs from the United States and Canada, dedicated to the progression of future professional players, steering the course for development of elite clubs, players and coaches. The Super Y League is the biggest stage for the top clubs in North America.

Their goal is to provide clubs with an experience that is unparalleled in youth soccer. They’re passionate about player development and giving young players opportunities to train in the best environments and play with and against top talent.

Sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

Meulensteen Method and Super Y teamed up initially because of their shared values and vision for youth soccer. Both organizations place a high emphasis on a culture that focuses on elite play through individual player development, education and evaluation.

Now well into our second year of the joint-venture with Super Y, we sat down with Matt Reda, Youth League Operations Manager, to hear his perspective on the partnership.

MM: What drew you to the Meulensteen Method (MM)?

Matt Reda:  First and foremost, as soccer fans ourselves, we were well-aware of Rene’s reputation as a top coach within the professional ranks. His training philosophies and coaching methods are a proven successes. Additionally, the curriculum of MM is age-appropriate for an important section of our league and the opportunity to provide our players that development opportunity was very enticing. One of the primary goals of the Super Y League is enhancing the soccer experience of Super Y League players. Through our partnership with MM and what it provides, we are able to improve that experience every year.

MM: Since it’s integration, how has it affected the Super Y-League (SYL) organization? Can you give me a specific example?

Matt Reda: MM has positively affected the SYL in a number of ways. Through the MM partnership, SYL is able to provide all players increased development opportunities through US Technical Championship regional qualifiers at our Regional Scouting Series. Adding the MM to our Regional Scouting Series provides players an education and evaluation program that is so unique and pivotal for continued individual development. The evaluation and coaching lessons provided by MM at our Regional Scouting Series make our event even more innovative and our players love competing in that environment.

We have some incredible players in this league. Our partnership with MM allows for SYL to further identify and recognize these players through their success with MM. For example, SYL player Caleb Borneo was invited to the US Technical Championship after qualifying through our Regional Scouting Series. Caleb went on to win the 2015 US Technical Championship and his success created a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm for MM within the SYL world. SYL players competing and learning within the MM programming is also a fantastic opportunity for SYL to create relationships with other players, clubs, and leagues.

MM: What’s been the best asset for the Super Y coaches and leadership?

Matt Reda: We are so proud of the amazing, dedicated coaches in Super Y. Part of being a successful coach is understanding that the learning process is an integral part of the teaching experience. Through the MM, our coaches have an opportunity to learn new tactics, understand new philosophies, and practice new methods of presenting this information to our players. MM’s uniform, focused approach on individual decision-making also allows our coaches to create a foundation of curriculum from which they can continue to coach teams as a whole.

MM: What’s been the best asset for the players?

Matt Reda: Our players love learning and competition within the Meulensteen Programming. The Meulensteen coaches are charismatic, inspiring people and our players really feed off of that energy. They love competing in the MM programming through RSS and our US Technical Championship participants are loved competing in this year’s event in Atlanta!

MM: Would you recommend MM to other clubs or organizations? Why?

Matt Reda: I would definitely recommend MM to any club or organization whose mission/vision focuses on putting players first. Both MM and the Super Y League operate with a goal of creating the best possible environment for our players in terms of education, evaluation, and competition. If a club or organization is committed to providing for its players, MM will be a successful partner in that endeavor.

Interested in learning more about the Meulensteen Method – Super Y partnership? Get in touch!

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